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Bit of a fan of starfruit and lady grey! Also Nutbrown and Smokey Black :0)


Storm boy Blue, Silky OaK and Olive on latte linen.


Sorry - forgot to say on hemp/cotton.

BTW - will you be putting some more flip dolls in the shop soon?

Also would you be able to put together large packages of small squares for quilting - maybe when you've got the solids done? Love your stuff - it's so gorge!


I've always loved putting my pencils in colour order too.

Definitely love the seaglass best.
Also like bambi, and kimono red. And what about your gorgeous pink?


I'm a fan of seaglass, stormboy, lady grey, silky oak & kimono red (all on hemp/cotton). & I will have to make an effort to finally stop by your new place sometime soon!


Seaglass on latte linen/cotton is my favourite, then Seaglass on hemp/cottong. Also quite fond of Stormboy blue on latte linen/cotton. I really love the differences in colour on the different fabrics. Didn't realise before that it made so much difference.


being an organiser (pencils, wardrobe, everything) by colour i had to read on!
and what a tough choice....after a long time contemplating, my favourites are:
stormboy blue on hemp/cotton
seaglass on hemp/cotton
seaglass on latte linen/cotton
turtledove on hemp/cotton
but a nice, simple latte or off white which could coordinate with any of your prints would be a good addition.
good luck making a decision!

Naomi Murrell

ooh very pretty. i like the turtle dove and stormboy blue on hemp/cotton. i'm obsessed with sewing in plain linens and cottons at the mo and there is virtually nothing available in terms of good colours in shops.


What a super idea to bring out matching plains. I love it!

(I'm a coloured pencil organiser so your post is right up my alley!)


I like the olive on latte linen/cotton, turtledove on hemp/cotton, starfruit on natural hemp cotton to name a few...


I like the seaglass :-)


ooh so pretty! I would definitely do kimono red, because reds are always so hard to match, so if people wanted to match your prints they would have a hard time finding a match anywhere else.

Personally i love turtledove, storm boy blue and seaglass, but they're just the colours i'm always drawn to!

mmmm what a fun job!

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