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I love this blog! :-) Thank You!


Hi Carly,

I know exactly what you mean in terms of not being able to sleep properly & leaving 'work at work' !

It seems when I used to actually leave the house for work in the morning, it was easier to separate work from home

Even with my separate studio in my backyard purpose built for work, I still can't switch off, even after I close the door & lock it up for the day .. I still find myself on my laptop (as I am now !) and then thinking of ideas / things that have to be done until all hours !

I'm loving the larger designs on fabric !
Are you going to reproduce the elephants as a larger fabric design ?

Katherine x
www.facebook.com - search The Savannah Room


Hi Carly,
Where do I start? Came across your "postcard" while buying fruit & veg (The Avenues)and instantly fell in love with your work. Mentioned the classes to a friend who made the link with Nest at Brompton which then rang a bell with me although it is while since I have ventured over to the gorgeous Queen St. Have just visited your website and read some of your blog and you have made me feel so much better that I am not the only one doing a million things trying to push the peanut up the hill. (Actually I know we are certainly not alone there!)I also run a business from home, mynamelabel.com and I totally get where you are at with the work life balance and not enough sleep! Good luck with the move to Stepney - great location, I am sure it will all settle down eventually. I look forward to popping in once you are open for business. Jacki


Hey Carly, looking forward to seeing you on Magill Rd, that fleeting moment crossing South Rd made me realise how long it's been since I was at Nest Last. Work/Life balance - sounds like you're on the right track - Olive looks so sweet!


Oh wow, those hearts are stunning. And isn't it a coincidence that I just bought two chairs on ebay that will need reupholstering?! I must come and see you! But maybe after the move. Good luck with all that!


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