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Wow! I love the idea of scanning the kids' artwork and adding the color on the computer, then printing... I think I'll make some greeting cards as gifts for grandparents!


Wow. Very lovely result!




A great tutorial :) And look at Lily! What a sweetheart ... love the drawings, very beautiful.


Thanks for sharing. I'd love to know the process for digitally adding color if you ever have time.


Ah this is sure fun.. =) Thanx to share the project. I should make this with my little sisters. Have a nice day.

Haylee's Gifts

That is really neat! Something my little one would love to do!


Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing!


Thanks for sharing this project, I haven't tried this technique with my young kids before but it's perfect. Oh my and I especially love the added color !


I tried it myself this afternoon. It's so easy and quite a different effect to drawing.

Spin Spin

Brilliant, I want to do one of these myself!

PS. The You Make My Day award is waiting for you over at my blog.


Thank you for sharing this method. I have been wondering about monoprint for a while (even had discussions with my all-knowing father: 'why do you print, if you can only do one of a kind ? Why not draw right away...?'... the finesses were lost on him, I guess) and hadn't found photos of neither technique or result.

Anna Laura

The texture is the thing with monoprints that totally make it! Very lovely drawing as well. I love working with ink over the print as wells.


I have never thought about doing monoprints like this and would never have guessed that it would work so wonderfully! You avoid all that carving with the little ones. Thank you for sharing this! Your daughter is so adorable!!!


that came out terrific!
thanks for sharing.


what a great project! it sounds really doable with students of all ages - definitely something i'll have to try. thanks for sharing the pics!

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